Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

17.02.03 at 10:24 hrs

Weekly Report No 120, CW 7

From Monday, 10.02.2003 to Sunday, 16.02.2003

(Model) mile for mile the tracks move westward... There are almost memories coming to mind when the pioneers built the real thing in America, painfully laying miles of track every day...

Helix under construction

The helix from Europe to America keeps growing...

Helix under construction

Tunnel ceiling upside down. The helix in this foto has to viewports.

A tunnel under construction

In order not to destroy the large parts in the positioning phase, we use paper maché instead of brittle plaster...

Staging area for America

The largest staging area finally is at its position.

Staging area for America

A photo hardly can tell just how monstreous these tracks really are...

Turnout decoders for America

Turnout- and accessory-decodersa are mounted on swivelling boards again to allow for easy maintenance.

Test fitting the TransRapid station building

A first fitting test for...

Test fitting the TransRapid station building

the top modern TransRapid station at the airport.

Test fitting the TransRapid station building

The model is scratchbuilt and based on a study for the MetroRapid Mühlheim in Germany.

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