Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

10.02.03 at 10:25 hrs

Weekly Report No 119, CW 6

From Monday, 03.02.2003 to Sunday, 09.02.2003

Nearly everyone is busy working in the American section. On top of and below the layout we make good progress, and thus we can say that we will be ready at least one day early. An estimate for the final day? No, no, we won't say anything yet...

It is time for the sixth Miniatur Wunderland Special run car This time, it is up to you. Which kind of special car do you want? Send in your ideas, or even better, complete designs or scetches, by mail or emaail. The winner receives 10 of "his" special cars and a yearly pass. The more precise the design is, the better. It may be something nice, something funny, or just a fancy design. Do you have an idea for good logo? Just unleash your phantasy and go ahead. The last car was our "Knuffinger Urbräu"; i. e. a freelanced beer brand. The only important thing is that we receive your contribution as a drawing or a computer artwork.

Deadline is Friday, 03/14/2003

And once again special run cars: There's a poll in our forum for this topic and we would very much like everybody to participate. All registered users are eligible for voting (sure, we want a real voting, not any phoney stuff...).

American staging yard

he track for the monstreous staging yard is laid out ...

American staging yard

but now the contacts and feederes have to go in and after that it's cleaning-up time: all the wires have to bundled neatly underneath the subroadbed.

Helix construction in America

Another helix which connects the bridges spanning the canyon at diferent levels. All in all, it will comprise of 3 full circles.

Test fitting the Euro-American helix

This will be the second part of the Europe-Amerika - helix. The picture just shows a test setup; the helix itself will be hanging from the benchwork.

Computer fixtures underneath the American section

Underneath the benchwork, things progress as well. This is part of a computer-rack.

Wiring channels

The benchwork is prepared for wiring... Later on, the multicore-cables runn through this channel to connect the computer with the controller boards.

Lamp fixtures for ceiling lights in America

Our lighting technicians, led by our master of lights Sven, have been busy at the ceiling. The lampholders for the neonlights are wired and wait for the multicore cables from the dimmer packs.

Grand Canyon gorge

In the workshop, the skeleton for the canyons starts to grow.

Grand Canyon gorge

It is much easier to work here than in the narrow gorge itself.

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