Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

03.02.03 at 10:27 hrs

Weekly Report No 118, CW 5

From Monday, 27.01.2003 to Sunday, 02.02.2003

Life is bustling in the american part but the visitors don't really dare to enter the site and watch it grow from close-up. This morning (Monday, 3.Feb.) the 1,000,000th guest visited our site. Congratulations to Timo H. and the runners-up on places 2 - 10! And this week? The gorge shows it's shape, the large staging yard will be finished, and the first risers are set up...

Risers for America

Meanwhile, the risers for the flat left part are measured and the heights are drawn in.

Risers for America

Now the 'dangerous' part starts: cutting along the lines...

The Grand Canyon gorge

The gorge...

The Grand Canyon gorge

in the peninsula --

The Grand Canyon gorge

The wire mesh

The Grand Canyon gorge

was 'invited' for test-fitting...

Material for the staging area in America

The large staging yard. 8 meters (26 ft.) of track are laid out; already half way through.

Building the huge staging area

Why do just 12 meter (39 ft.) fit into this track? Simple: First, there are turnouts and second: a bit safety distance has to be calculated...

Plants for America's deserts

It's amazing what can be made out of plastic flowers... These go into the desert of Arizona.

Train crash in Knuffingen

Will trains from Knuffingen into the mountains be cancelled in the future? The Knuffingen traffic authority stated that the most serious accidents of the Wunderland history happen on this turnout-area.

Train crash in Knuffingen

Two technicians responsible for the area in questions have been fired in the meantime and the chief-technician has been brought to jail at Lake Julius by means of the "Flux-Minimator" (see our forum for details).

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