Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

27.01.03 at 10:29 hrs

Weekly Report No 117, CW 4

From Monday, 20.01.2003 to Sunday, 26.01.2003

Since last week, the American section can be visited by our guests. Actually, there's not really much to see but this may well be an opportunity for our regular visitors to closely follow the daily changes.

And here's the solution to last week's question concerning picture 3: It shows, like almost everybody assumed, the loading ramp including the waiting positions for the trucks ;-)

The door to the US

Two of these doors now allow access to the american part and thus be really close to our workers.

The construction site

Beware: the room is not big enough to accomodate 50 guys working here which means: There will be times when nobody works in here... ;-)

We will have whitewater here...

This is a perfect location for cataracts...

Benchwork of Key West and Miami

The first curves of the helix are wired and the trackwork is protected against the dust.

'Building America'

On top of this, the benchwork is built. Later on, we'll have Miami and Key West here.

Decoders for the American section

All electronic parts like decoders are set up on swivelling boards which will be mounted underneath the layout.

Staging area for America

The base for the largest hidden staging area. Theoretically, we can park a train of up to 12 meters (39 feet) in here. Wether or not such train will actually run later on will have to tested...

A wharf in the Hamburg section

While work has started in America, the Hamburg section was not neglected.

A wharf in the Hamburg section

Meanwhile, this wharf found its space under the Koehlbrand-Bridge.

A wharf in the Hamburg section

Once the layout is ready, we'll have a push-button action with which the guest may launch the boat.

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