Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

13.01.03 at 10:32 hrs

Weekly Report No 115, CW 2

From Monday, 06.01.2003 to Sunday, 12.01.2003

Here it is: The first report covering the American section. 1st chapter: the benchwork and - very important - the helix from the Atlantic tunnel up to zero-level. We use cabinet-grade plywood which we had milled at our supplier's shops. This way, it just needs to be set crosswise into each other which gives a very strong and lightweight base. This "table" is then mounted to adjustable steel legs and set absolutely level.

Benchwork in America

The benchwork is set up again and levelled out. Now the elements have to be fixed.

Benchwork in America

A fitting piece of scrap wood, carpenter's glue, and a few screws will do the job.

Plan studies

Every once and again, the plans are studied since it is not always quite clear which details have to be observed. Most favorite question :' What the heck did the masterplanner mean by this?' ;-)

Materials for a helix

The helix.... And what is needed for such a helix?

Materials for a helix

Threaded rods, nuts, washers, carpenter's glue, screws, and the subroadbed.

Building the subroadbed

Sheets of cork are glued to the subroadbed and holes drilled for the threaded rods.

Building the subroadbed

After that, the space for the washers is cut out from the cork to ensure a very tight and stable fit.

Helix construction

Below and above the subroadbed, the threaded rods are fixed using the washers and nuts.

Helix construction

This way, exact adjustments are easily made after the track has been laid.

Helix construction

This is, how the finished helix looks like. The gradient is still way too steep but you need space to lay the most important stuff...

The tracks

... the track - a job to be finished this week...

Nighttime impressions

Nighttime impressions - The wide bridge spanning the tracks at the right of Hamburg Main Station.

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