Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

23.09.02 at 11:09 hrs

Weekly Report No 99, CW 38

From Monday, 16.09.2002 to Sunday, 22.09.2002

This week, we will have a glance at the layout and especially at the technical side of it.
BTW: The for openeing the 5th room is (so far) determinedt: If nothing unforeseen happens, we will open the new entrance area on Monday, 14.10.2002. This means more bathrooms, a larger cafeteria with an extended choice of snacks, more seating, and a larger shop area. But beware!! You might get lost because the new entrance (From Monday, 14.10.2002) will then be located roughly 50 meters further to the west ;-)
And now have fun with the new pictures...

The rear of the S-Bahn maintenance facility

More and more spots in the layout are detailed and, as is usual in our layout, the spots that can not directly be viewed also get their share. Seen here: the rear of the maintenance facility of the S-Bahn located directly behind the highrise construction site.

Wiring and illumination

First, holes for street lamps and structure illumination are drilled..

Wiring and illumination

After the lamps have been installed in the houses, the wires remain dangling underneath the layout until one of the electronics takes care of this section, combines them to a harness, and finally ....

A controller card

... connects them to a computer controlled adapter card. These cards use 5 V to switch its channels. The outlet of each channel can take a max. load of 1 Amp ~15V. During the input into the computer it is also made sure that the total load of each card does not exceed 3 Amps.

Building a nuclear reactor

At the very far end of the layout, a nuclear power plant is created out of two different kits of an American manufacturer.Close-ups and the name of the manufacturer have to be revealed later since the power plant is not ready yet and at the moment, there's nobody available to shed some light on this matter....

Trash bins

Well, some folks really did ask us, where trash ...

Trash bins

... stored on "Trash Mountain" originates from.

Bulky waste

I could easily explain this but I think the pictures talk for themselves ;-)

Making the tidal zone

The beach around the lighthouse proved to be quite a challenge. Giving a realistic impression of the tidal zone is really difficult but by now we are confident to make it happen.

Tramps in Hamburg

When strolling through town, we stumbled about this corner. We immediately informed the social office and are quite sure that street worker will soon take care of these guys.

Soldering the 3rd rails in room 5

The track is ballasted and Andre currently solders the 3rd rail of the S-Bahn to the trackwork.

Highballing ICE

Our train operators are puzzled; what to the experts say? In one direction, the ICE takes the outer track in order not having to slow down at the platform track.

On the way back, the train has to take the platform track in order to use the normal route over the following turnouts. Which speed is allowed for an ICE in such a situation?

What is this???

Ops, looking from close up, I have to admit, I pictured the wrong kit... This one is made by Messrs. Plaka.... ;-)

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