Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

16.09.02 at 11:11 hrs

Weekly Report No 98, CW 37

From Monday, 09.09.2002 to Sunday, 15.09.2002

Apart from further detailing we also have to report progress on mainly the larger projects for which we attached a couple of pictures.
As far as the lighthouse is concerned, we received so many proposals and constributions that we were not able yet to respond to all of them. So we'd like to express our appreciation here and send you a big "Thank you!!!" We hope to be able to present the result here next week but in general, it will be a combination of a commercially availabe turret tip and a scratchbuilt tower.
And now, enjoy the new pictures...

An alley in Hamburg

When walking through the older alleys, one eventually ends up on a plaza....

A building for Hamburg

... where this building will be located.

A building for Hamburg

The tower is not complete yet but native Hamburgers will already know which building is meant here ;-)

A door portal

This door portal at the side aisle has .... well, how many parts may have been used for it? And how many parts in all had to be manufactured for the whole building? On you go to a vivid discussion in our forum; we'll see which guess will be the closest. maybe, there will even be a bonus for the most accurate estimate ;-)

The circus for room 5

Not all projects are built directly on the layout. This circus is created in our model building department and is close to completion.

Spectators in the circus

Must be a good circus: about 2,000 visitors attend the show.

'Trash Mountain'

Yikes!!!!.....Somebody left his trash here...... and did that on purpose.

'Trash Mountain'

The municipal trash hill consists of paper, plastic bag (shreddered in a mixer that didn't really like it and quit life :-)) ), and left-over sprues from plastic kits.

Track laying in room 5

During the weekend, track laying was accomplished in room 5 and now the electricians are busy wiring the tracks. The S-Bahn has a terminus at the airport and behind the airport there are a couple of maintenance tracks.

Building a ramp

The ramp leading up is also under construction and so we hope being able to lay track next week.

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