Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

09.09.02 at 11:14 hrs

Weekly Report No 97, CW 36

From Monday, 02.09.2002 to Sunday, 08.09.2002

There's light at the end of the tunnel... We don't dare yet to define a fixed date for the opening of the Hamburg section but progress is good and the "Wunderland-Hamburg" nears completion.
While we are are ath topic 'land': this also grows in the 5th room into which part of this layout section protrudes.
From the department "Rated R" I brought a couple of pictures from my last visit to St.Pauli. Well, see for yourself:


meanwhile, life is humming at the Landungsbrücken.

Coffee Shop at the Landungsbrücken

Souvenir shops, cafes, restaurants, and snack bars started business and tourists as well as natives stroll over the pontoons.

Graffities in the Stresemannstrasse

Right next door, graffity sprayers obviously had a ball. Makes on think to be right in the Stresemannstrasse ;-)

Alternative living...

An alternative living culture established itself in the outskirts of the town. The owner of this patch of land left it uncultivated for speculative reasons and now has difficulties to get rid of the folks living there...

Creating the zoo Hagenbecks Tierpark

The zoo made considerable progress.

The camel at Tierpark Hagenbeck

Most of the kennels are in place and the first animals also moved in.

Inhabitants of Tierpark Hagenbeck

Lawns, trees, and the main entrance are still missing, though.

Creating pastures

In order to avoid cracks in the plaster and to get a basic structure for the pastures, we covered the plaster with molton (a fabric). Pressed into the still wet plaster, it already now gives a surface that resembles a pasture. Once the base color has dried, the pasture will be scenicked in the usual way.

Paving the port area

While the technicians are still busy to install the extension for the air condition underneath the ceiling, the model builder already start to pave the streets and piers in the harbor area.

Location of the lift bridge

In the next days, the lift bridge will find its final location here. We can't wait to see the first train passing over the bridge...

Benchwork in room 5

Room 5 saw the completion of the benchwork. In the background, an airport will be created and a circus will atrract visitors. The foreground will show a storm flood heavily battering the levees.

What the Herbertstrasse has to offer

Well, and then there was my yesterday's trip... Boy, what a quarrel when I got my camera out and started to snap away. People don't like it so much here - ok, yes, it is written on the entrance but these cute ladies...

What the Herbertstrasse has to offer

However, I just managed to send the pics using my handy before the mob got his hands on me and my camera.....I only hope, I don't need a straw for meals anymore by next week......

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