Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

02.09.02 at 11:16 hrs

Weekly Report No 96, CW 35

From Monday, 26.08.2002 to Sunday, 01.09.2002

This week, we have some detail fotos of current "construction pits" on the layout and will also glimpse into the new room 5 where in the meantime the walls have been broken through and new walls are being built up.
The tracklayers now leave the layout to the model builders and have just a few small things to do. But that is just the calm before the big storm because we hope to finishe the prerequisite works for the tunnel next week and start laying track to America....

The banks of river Elbe

Now the banks of river Elbe look a lot better, compared to report 95 (picture 6). The lower part of the banks are reinforced with large stones and the walls are of solid brick now.

Picture from the cam-train

Romantic railway... We hardly can wait to see a camera train gliding down this track. This is the branch line for commuter traffic, equipped with overhead catenary.

Holes for windmills

A northern Germany landscape naturally requires windmills to generate power (they will be mounted in those holes). We had to compromise, however: In reality, nobody would place a windmill this close to the tracks.

Area for rock concert

Unfortunately, we don't have enough space (every model railroader has to cope with this problem... ;-) ) and so have to position them here. An alternative would be the flat land in this picture. However, this area is reserved for a rock concert...

A glue bottle as stand-in for a lighthouse

The levee with protruding glue bottle; errr, lighthouse ;-). A narrow street will cut through the levee to provide access to the lighthouse. In case of a storm flooding, this narrow outlet will be closed with heavy oak ties and sand bags. Hmmm, lighthouse - so far, we couldn't find many different models, so should anybody have a source for a reputable lighthouse - let it come...

Rocks in Hagenbecks Tierpark

Not the typical rock formation for Northern Germany? Well, Yes and No since a similar formation can be found in the Hamburg Zoo (Hagenbecks Tierpark), and so we also revealed what will be created in this area....

Creation of 'Trash Mountain'

Originally, we wanted a small village in this spot. But to be honest: this is the perfect location for junk and trash hill! The left part is of natural origin and a trash burning facility is going to be erected here. The right part, however, piled up from the town's junk and trash....

Harbor Railroad tunnel

Behind the arcades for the Underground, the Harbor Railroad disappears into a tunnel. A fence keeps pedestrians off the tracks.

Agricultural area

More and more scenery is now created behind the port area. Forests and pairies will dominate this area, farmers will grow fruit, and ranchers raise their cattle...

The concrete bridge with wall break-through in the background

You can see the new wall break-through behind the conrete bridge. For now, it remains closed by means of drywall.

These walls are massive!!!

These walls are massive!!!, 2*40 cm ( 1 1/3 feet) thickness were quite a challenge....

Construction site 5th room

Currently, in the 5th room additional toilets are being built,...

Construction site 5th room

and separating walls for storage and technical equipment (Climate / Electrical) are built up.

Airport, Circus, and North Sea shore

Work behind the wall already started for the part of the layout that had to move into this room (The airport had to make way for the main entrance...). So this area will accomodate the airport, a circus, and the North Sea shore featuring an island railroad.

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