Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

26.08.02 at 11:17 hrs

Weekly Report No 95, CW 34

From Monday, 19.08.2002 to Sunday, 25.08.2002

Great! Our donation-/ guided tours - event was a complete success! All in all, 5,753.00 Euro, which we rounded up to 6,000.00 Euro, could be collected. Today, Monday, the money was transferred to the media community "Hamburg hilft den Flutopfern" (Hamburg helps the flood victims). many thanks to all participants!
Unfortunately, this action also revealed one thing: as long as we are building , we cannot consuct guided tours through the layout since we simply don't have time for this...

Completing the city of Hamburg

Even though we make progress, alone these few sqaure feet promise work for days. In the city, most of the houses are not secured, illumination and detailing are still missing...

The building lot for St. Michaelis

Already recognized it? Correct: this place is reserved for a well known Hamburg church and landmark. On the plaza around St. Michelis, a bikers's service will be staged with xxx motor bikes.

Children playground  in Altona

Close to the Underground station of "Altona Ost", a small children playground was built.It just lacks a fence to ensure that the kiddies don't inadvertently run onto the street...

Parking lots near Underground station Baumwall

A hot tip for all guests who want to visit us weekdays: also in reality chances are very good to find parking space underneath the U-Bahn (Underground) viaducts close to "Baumwall" station. And should bad luck strike: the garage Baumwall underneath the promenade (Entry is close to Landungsbrücken) offers plenty of space!

Open air bath in Hamburg

Judging from the available space in the open air bath, it seems we don't have summer holidays or high temperatures - or could it be that most inhabitants (as in real life) are out to spend a day at the beach?

Banks of the river Elbe with hiking path

The river banks had to be adjusted once more since they were way too steep. Now, a hiking path graces the banks at half its elevation.

View to Central Station

Even though the left side of town already looks very pleasant, we have a complete different picture in direction Central Station: Bridges need to be completed, the town area with its office buildings makes only slow progress, and scenery in the background will also take a lot of time to be only close to finished. To at least partly make up for this, the hole in the wall is growing; 70 cms ( ~ 2 feet) of the wall have to broken out...

Illuminated highrise in Hamburg

As all building in our layout, this highrise also needs more than one wire to be realistically illuminated.

The harness of a highrise

The harness of a highrise, dangling underneath the layout, is quite impressive, isn't it?

Overhead catenary in Hamburg

The overhead catenary makes good progress. Not quite prototypical, we painted the catenary wires a middle grey tone instead of dark gray. Tests revealed that dark gray catenary can hardly be seen on top of the dark roadbed... Seen here is a part of the ICE maintenance facility.

Twin turntables with roundhouse

The twin turntables with roundhouse. Steamers and diesel traction will be maintained here. Coaling is done on the left tracks in the foreground.

Boating fair in Hamburg

The theme for the Hamburg fair grounds is also found: a boating fair attracts people to stroll through the halls and open air exhibitions. It shows novelties faor sailing and motor yachts.

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