Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

19.08.02 at 11:19 hrs

Weekly Report No 94, CW 33

From Monday, 12.08.2002 to Sunday, 18.08.2002

Apart from our donation session, we also had time to attend to many details in the layout, namely the Hamburg section and so the first stories in the layout start to develop.
In the meantime, the new room (room no 5 ) receives new walls made from red brick and the wall break-throughs for the layout are also tackled...
Finally, the last preparations for taking up fullsize test runs in Hamburg are well under way. With the exception of the international line, all main and branch lines will go into service. The tunnel construction goes not as well as we hoped since the steel framing has to be build very accurately to enbale the glas covers to carry their maximum load. The gradient within the tunnel also has needs a lot of attention as it has to be linear and even for flawless train runs.

Hamburg, all in green

A town scene - and please: no greeding: Hamburg really is one of greenest towns in Europe...

Punks causing trouble

Trouble nearby the Landungsbrücken. Punks have vandalized again and the police is already on the scene to take up the complaints of the neighborhood.

These trees have to go...

It's too bad about these big trees but their fate was clear when the forest warden stated how rotten the old firs already were. The next storm almost certainly would have blown them onto the Underground track or into the next house.

Animal shelter in Hamburg

Something that has not to be missed in a large town is (unfortunately)... an animal shelter... Every once in a while, dogs, cats, and even tame goats are abandoned and have to be taken care of. The animal shelter also has a small hospital for injured wild animals.

Animal shelter in Hamburg

Not only deer, but also geese and swans are pampered here....

The green locomotive

Codename "Nighthart" ... Hmmm, I think, our train specialist got too much time to play... The shell of this test engine was broken after an accident and had been somewhat "camouflaged" after its repair... I guess, the guys don't want anybody to notice it when tey are "playing" ;-))

Station 'Berliner Tor'

With the hall in place, this station resembles Hamburg - Dammtor but we stick to our chosen name of "Berliner Tor" since this is a tower station... Just keep in mind: We're in the Wunderland and not in Hamburg or anywhere else in real life. We build close to reality but don't claim to work prototypical (wouldn't work, anyway, because in 1/87 proportion alone the Hamburg section of our layout would require an area of 350*270 meters or 382.7 yards * 295.2 yards...).

Underground maintenance facility

and once again we revised a decision: The much discussed accident scene in the Underground facility will be removed and and show up again in a place a bit farther from the layout fascia somewhere in the construction site. Why? We completely overlooked that in this case a real life company, the HHA (Hamburger Hochbahn AG),would be associated with this accident which, of course, is not our intention...

Speicherstadt building - illumination

The inside of a warehouse. Currently the illumination is built in. We use cool white LEDs which come very close to neon light from their characteristics.

Concrete bridge spanning the port

Slowly but surely, the large concrete bridge spanning the port basins, takes on visible shape. It carries various main lines over the port.

Concrete bridge spanning the port

Yes, here too, we have been inspried by real life (Highway bridge A7 between "Harburger Berge" and Elbe tunnel) but are not authentic at all (the highway crosses the harbor but doesn't span any waterways).

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