Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

12.08.02 at 11:20 hrs

Weekly Report No 93, CW 32

From Monday, 05.08.2002 to Sunday, 11.08.2002

During the last days (or better say : nights) excavation works have begun. They successfully terminated and now the tunnel walls are under construction....

The alley to the arena

This alley leads to the arena. Lazy folks use the opposite side because there's a bus stop ;-)

This happens during scenicking...

There's one good point to scenicking: After work, the layout has to be cleaned thoroughly. Who the heck forgot this stuff?

The green hills of Hamburg

On this side, the hill is ready but the rest 2/3rd of the hill are still waiting on the other side.

A driveway, all in green!

Noblesse oblige... Just the jaguar or the Ferrari, coming off the driveway, is missing...

Romantic alley

Cosy narrow alleys invite to romanticize. The bad news is: parking a car might be a bit diffcult here. Well, good for those who ride a bike ...

TransRapid right-of-way

This wooden arch represents the right-of-way for the TransRapid in Hamburg...

TransRapid right-of-way

... in order to avoid placing buildings too close to the trackage or directly underneath the right-of-way.

End-of-line for the TransRapid

The end-of-line for the TransRapid is located directly behind Hamburg Central Station in an office district which resembles Hamburg's district of "Hammerbrook".

We want street markings!

More difficult than you might think: Street markings in large intersections. First, a scribble is drawn up then the street shapes are drawn in with pencil and all ways are "test driven". Only after everything is proven logical, painting in the street markings can start..

Building in the overhead catenary

At first, building catenary is quite exciting. But after the first mile, it turns out to be job that requires a lot of patience and concentration...

Construction of the Hamburg-America tunnel

Oops, we have a mole in the house...... Or what's this going to be?

Construction of the Hamburg-America tunnel

I just say: America, we're coming!!!... ;-)

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