Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

29.07.02 at 11:25 hrs

Weekly Report No 91, CW 30

From Monday, 22.07.2002 to Sunday, 28.07.2002

Nine weeks to go and again can celebrate an exciting anniversary but until then a couple of things worth of being reported will happen.
"Alea iacta est!" the Latin would say because we made a final decision.In contrast to our original plans, the port town will now definitely be named Hamburg and the stations and districts will be named according to their inspirational prototypes. One thing, however, remains unchanged: We don't recreate Hamburg on our layout but create the Wunderland instead and so we let us inspire by a lot of things but absolutely don't stick to the prototype. As creators of the Wunderland, we use a lot of "artistic licence".
At a quick glance, we make exceptional good progress! The greenery of the landscape creates this impression. This step in the work process covers a lot of area in a realtively short period of time. But this area still needs detailing and this steps throws us a back again because it takes up a lot of time...

The glue comes first!!!

First, the brown terrain is covered with colored white glue, then brush, rock, and sand are sprinkled on.

The gras is next!

To round this out, we use a converted airbrush to virtually "shoot" the gras into the still wet bed of glue....

Workers started their jobs in the Underground maintenance facility

Workers started their jobs in the Underground maintenance facility.

Hamburg Observer

Hamburg Observer
Maintenance facility - Yesterday, a serious accident happened in the Underground maintenance facility. An axle started to roll off and and cut off the right leg of worker Helmut B. from Hamm. Emergency doctors could stabilize the hurt man but his fate is unkwon so far...

A cemetary in Hamburg

In the meantime, the cemetary also attracted the first tenants...

Graves at the cemetary

Although most of them are dead, one living also came here. ...

A house in the green belt

Funny, how gras and a few trees can change the impression of a scene...

A house in the green belt

As for now, life (animals as well as humans) that tells a story, is still missing...

The ancient station building is nearly complete

At the old station building, the picture also changed dramtically.

Taxi stand in front of the town hall

Taxi stand in front of the town hall (which, BTW, doesn't have a prototype in Hamburg) :-)....

Street lamps

Hmmm, does this work out? We're pondering this question and want to ask the experts: Would it be allowed to or would somebody position the lamps this way or do we have to file suit against our civil engineers? ;-)

Wiring the boosters

A clean and orderly wiring definitely helps to find flaws and mistakes quickly and also helps to avoid mistakes! This shelf will house a couple of boosters.

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