Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

22.07.02 at 11:27 hrs

Weekly Report No 90, CW 29

From Monday, 15.07.2002 to Sunday, 21.07.2002

The first square meters are green! Even without trees, the areas look great but with trees and humans (for instance, at the construction site) it will be right down georgous...
In the meantime, the tracks for the American helix are laid and the work in the 5th room make good progress....

The first feet of overhead catenary

The first feet of overhead catenary, but endless miles are waiting...

Street lamps

Meanwhile the suburbian streets are equipped with street lamps.

Trees have also to be felled in Hamburg

Behind the construction site, more building lots are required and so some trees have to be felled...

The facade of the ancient station building

An action still to come for the trackside of the ancient station building....

Trees on the layout

... becuase these tress also will have to go what inevidently will lead to quarrels...

It greens so green...

The greenery adds a lot to the good impression, although there is yet absolutely no sign of life.

Allotment gardens in Hamburg

The allotment gardens where the first tenants moved in, show a different picture. The roofs, however, clearly show that the lighting is still missing.

The houses in Hamburg are going in

In a few places we increased the density of buildings a bit.

Rows of houses in Hamburg

Nothing unusual because in the end, scenes may come out completely different than imagined during the planning phase. Flexibility is the Alpha and Omega here! ;-)

Creating the water in front of the Landungsbrücken

Here too, we slightly had to change our plans and extended the water area a bit in order to enable ships to moore at the pontoons (these will have to come in soon) in front of the Landungsbrücken. A word to the nitpickers: Yes, the building is somewhat compressed and slightly modified because otherwise, there would be no way to fit this Hamburg landmark into our layout.

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