Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

15.07.02 at 11:29 hrs

Weekly Report No 89, CW 28

From Monday, 08.07.2002 to Sunday, 14.07.2002

The first houses are fitted out with lights while this week the main lines in section 2 are scheduled for test running, The first green can be spotted and in direction Central Station, the first areas disappear under plaster.
We also updated the floor plan and hope to give a comprehensive overview over the refurbishings and construction works..

The Fair Ground in Hamburg under construction

The Fair Ground keeps growing. Just now, the last exhibition was erected and in the administration building, the clerks work out the fair calender. There still are open dates for events....

Overhead catenary for the tram

Most of the tram trackage is equipped with catenary, except for the invisible tracks.

Scenicking the ancient station building has started

Well, green is a bit sparse yet, but that will change this week when the complete area received its fresh gras seed...

Fitting tests for the city of Hamburg

Fitting tests for the area behind Central Station. The yellow level of course symbolizes the .... err, what was it... hmmmm ....

The steamer roundhouse is detailed

Slowly, some eye-catchers accumulate in the steamer roundhouse and let the scene look like real life.

Trackage of the Harbor Railway

The Harbor Railway and one of the post basins... Here too, the tracks are built into the street.

Tracks crossing a port basin

Small changes in the track plan and the use of AC-rail enable us to run a branch from the port up to the warehouses behind Hamburg Central Station.

The wood connection

The puzzle complott, or: How do I stiffen wood that it really makes a strong connection...

The wood connection

(This absolutely vital in this area because here the benchwork is, due to the downgrading helix, a lot more instable than anywhere else in the layout.)

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