Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

08.07.02 at 11:31 hrs

Weekly Report No 88, CW 27

From Monday, 01.07.2002 to Sunday, 07.07.2002

While section 5 currently sses more rough work (laying the floor and sandblasting the walls), sections 1.1 and 2 have been physically connected. This week, the station "Bad Klosterberg Stadt" and the adjoined staging area will be integrated into the test runs of section 2.

Here, the new steam roundhouse will be created

Here, the new steam roundhouse will be created. To build the loading dock, the old roundhouse in Knuffingen has to go.

The footbridge is nearly complete

The footbridgte connecting the Underground line with the international station is also nearly complete.

Footbridge with pedestrians

Some railings in the center part are still missing and a couple of adjustments have also to be made.

The break-through for the trackwork is done

The break-through for tracks connecting sections 1 and 2 are done. Once the scenery in section 2 is finished, the wall go (it is just drywall) and the gap in the scenery will be closed. The two tracks to the right are the main line between Hamburg and Bad Klosterberg Stadt. Another connection will be made underground to the ICE-tracks in order to take the "Rolling Highway" from Knuffingen to America.

The new approach to the America-tunnel

The new approach to the America-tunnel...

Entry into the staging yard

... leads down to the helix - to the right is the entry into the hidden staging yard.

Helix under construction

After several re-conceptions, we finally decided to build the helix at this side of the layout to enable visitors watching the trains (similar to St. Wendel). Once the train reaches the floor, it is down one more storey: a long channel will be dug out from the floor at he height of -10 cms (measured from the floor-top...

Helix under construction

... and covered with thick glas panes directly underneath the visitor's feet in the main aisle.. Having reached the American side of the layout, the trains go up another helix to finally reach daylight again...

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