Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

01.07.02 at 11:32 hrs

Weekly Report No 87, CW 26

From Monday, 24.06.2002 to Sunday, 30.06.2002

Well, now our little landmark, the fireless locomotive, is gone but let's look forward now:
Some new beautiful buildings are ready or will be ready very soon. Town hall, footbridge, and a very famous building in Hamburg (due to space limitations, we could'nt build it 1:1 - our usual problem: we simply don't have enough space)....
While tracklaying beheind the Central Station continues to the airport, the completed lines already see a lot of traffic in order to thoroughly test the hardware of the Underground, S-Bahn (commuter trains), and trams and also do a bit of configuration finetuning.

The building lot for the town hall

So far, this building lot remained empty.

Hamburg's town hall

Now the town hall is open to the public.

Hamburg's town hall

Apart from concerts and congresses, exhibitions will also be staged in this modern building.

Hamburg's town hall

Next week, we'll have picture from the light test....

A footbridge in Hamburg

Talking about modern:This footbridge in the international station (from here, the trains to America depart...) cannot really be described as "old"...

Landungsbrücken under construction

Hopefully, someone will recognize what this is going to be. Would you believe:

Landungsbrücken under construction.

The base for this structure is the station "Baden Baden" (which we also converted into a castle already).

Landungsbrücken under construction

Good job, Helge!!!

Another lock...

Another lock...

Canal in the Speicherstadt

it shuts off the canal to the Speicherstadt warehouse complex.

Building the port of Hamburg

After finally we determined what will be going on in the 5th room, the missing tracks in the right part of this section can be laid out. The trackage had to be adjusted to the new opportunities (an updated trackplan will be in the next report...).

The creation of a port basin in Hamburg

Here, the various basins of the Port of Hamburg will be created! We will have container- and general cargo - terminals. The liftbridge will also be mounted here, in order to let the harbor railway reach the front terminals...

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