Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

24.06.02 at 11:34 hrs

Weekly Report No 86, CW 25

From Monday, 17.06.2002 to Sunday, 23.06.2002

Ok, here we go: After long negotiations and many discussions, we just rented a 5th room in addtion the already exisiting 4 rooms and will now (of course) change a couple of things:
First, there will be a new and more generous entry area in the new room. Café and the kid's play corner will also move into the this room. This frees up some space in the current entry area for a central control stand from which in future the computers will be opreated. Nice side-effect: In future, we'll have a lot more space so that the waiting times on nearly all days will tend to zero once the new room is opened. On the other hand: Where there is no waiting line, there's also no service in the same, pity....
There's also a disadvantage to this story! Building the new sections will consume more time. Since part of the layout will penetrate into the new room, it will grow a bit in size and will also be a bit more elaborate. Consequence is that the second section (Port area) will be finished in late summer and the the American section roughly around christmas...
We don't know yet, what will be next. Anyway, from now on we have more space... ;-)

This is how the 5th room currently looks like

This is how the 5th room currently looks like

Work started in the 5th room

Right now, chaos rules but when we remember the very beginnig:

Work started in the 5th room

The first 4 rooms didn't look much different...

Here we will cut a 9 feet wide hole in the wall

Here we will cut a 9 feet wide hole in the wall. On the opposite side, a small airport, commuter line terminus, Hagenbeks Tierpark (The Hamburg Zoo), and a part of the northern Germany's shoreline will be created.

The future main entrance under construction

originally, we wnated the airport in this location. Now, this will be the main aisle between Entrance and layout. The tunnel, which is needed to take trains from Hamburg to America underneath the feet of our visitors, will stay...

Our new lettering on the Speicherstadt warehouse

Something happend to the facade of our building. Our new lettering finally arrived and now golden letters gleam from the red bricks and spell out to "Modelleisenbahn Wunderland" .

The fireless loco in front of the Miniatur Wunderland

Well, now it is time to say "Good Bye!" to our fireless loco in front of the Wunderland. With the new lettering up on the walls, our limited permission to showcase this engines has expired. 07:00 on Tuesday, the loco will be picked up....

Suburban dreams in Hamburg

Suburban dreams ...

Hamburg under construction

On the way to a huge construction site...

Hamburg under construction

While the main roads leads down to the construction site,...

Some backyards in Hamburg

baclyards and gardens are created at the rear of the houses...

Hamburg's Fair Grounds under construction

The Fair Grounds also take on shape.

Hamburg's Fair Grounds under construction

Unfortunately, we had to compromise here, since a scale model of the Fair Grounds in Hamburg would need way too much space....

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