Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

17.06.02 at 11:36 hrs

Weekly Report No 85, CW 24

From Monday, 10.06.2002 to Sunday, 16.06.2002

An eventfull week has passed and another week with more imortant events awaits us.
Section 2 also saw some progress since the 3-rail branch line, as well as the DC-rail Underground ans commuter lines will take up scheduled business for a stress test by the end of this week....

Underground viaduct in the Speicherstadt

This is the view from the roof of the first warehouse down to the Underground viaduct. As one can see, the stations are complete and ready for business.

Hamburg Fair Grounds

here, the Hamburg Fair Grounds will be established. At least the fence is already up!

DC-rail commuter line (S-Bahn) under construction

While one terminus of the commuter line still is named "Lands End" (the test runs are only allowed to Central Station), ...

The track scheme of Hamburg

... the AC-track commuter line goes into full business. In order to take care of last "bugs" ( that's what computer specialists like to nickname their pets in form of small and larger errors ) that unnessessarily complicate an operator's life, Dieter Hinz arrived from France.

Dieter Hinz digitizes the track plan

In this new section, we will use Railware V4 miwula (an especially for us optimized version) to control the trains.

Roll-out for the tram

The tram is also ready to run...

Roll-out for the tram

and the trains....

An error at the tram

But "Oops" what happened here? Did we forget or even omit something? Yeah, Ok, we also make mistakes! Trams don't have doors on the left side!!! Now *this* went dead wrong, dear planners, push-pull service is not possible this way....

The tram in Hamburg

Well, as we all know: There are no problems; just solutions... So we quickly laid out a turn loop around the tram shed in order to tbe able to turn the trams at Central Station.

Tracks in Hamburg

One question though still remains: What will happen to the middle station at the long main road? I think, for environmental preservation reasons, the old trees won't be felled ;-)

Train wreck during test runs

Again a train wreck, thjis time during test runs in the new section!

Train wreck during test runs

The engineer of the approaching train managed to trigger the emergency brakes just in time...

Close-up of a track in Hamburg

Already in the course of the same evening, the track gang found the reason for the derailment...

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