Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

10.06.02 at 11:39 hrs

Weekly Report No 84, CW 23

From Monday, 03.06.2002 to Sunday, 09.06.2002

Again, a week has passed. The outside viewer will barely notice any changes; the team worked mainly under the layout for the last days. Trains had been adjusted to the layout and wires for the light control were tacked down. The branchline now undergoes intensive tests and the Underground as well as the commuter line will also start testing in a couple of days.

Staging yard with trains

The first completed trains await their test duties in the branchline staging.

Building house at Hamburg's hillside

To save space (Yes, we too have a space problem ;-),

Building houses at Hamburg's hillside

... some of the houses have to be built into the hillside...

Typical commuter train in Hamburg

of course, the typical Hamburg commuter trains, called "S-Bahn", run on our tracks in Hamburg. Here is a class ET 472 (all commuter trains are especially made for us).

A horse in the castle's yard

Seen lately in the yard of castle Eckstein. So far, nobody new that the owner of the castle had a horse.

The facade of the ancient station building

Weeds conquered the ancient facade and leave a nice impression...

Serious train wreck near St. Wendel!

Serious train wreck near St. Wendel!

Serious train wreck near St. Wendel!

Luckily enough, nobody was hurt, except for the two engineers who had to be flewn to the next hospital in order to take care of their serious injuries.

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