Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

03.06.02 at 11:41 hrs

Weekly Report No 83, CW 22

From Monday, 27.05.2002 to Sunday, 02.06.2002

After we just survived Gerrit's stag night this week is going to be hot! The keyword here is iPIX - it just occurs to me that my sight is somewhat blurred and I can't read the installation manual properly- so please, have bit of patience ;-)... (Edit: The panorama pictures are now online)

AOL- Arena under construction

The arena keeps growing. Now that the box level is built and wired, the second row of seats can be started....

The large steam engine facility

The large steam engine facility!

The large steam engine facility

One question remains: Will automatic control run digitally? We'll find out....

Construction site of the town hall

This location is reserved for the town hall. The complete area is needed for truck access, parking lots, taxi stands, and and ramps.

An excavator at the construction site in Hamburg

All machines at the construction site now ahve their final "outfit". This excavator enlarges the construction pit...

Staging yard in Hamburg

"Through this hollow alley....". This quadruple track lead brings the trains out of the large staging yard and onto the main line.

A view over Hamburg

And this is how the trains move on in daylight: A large concrete bridge spans the port area and carries the trains to Hamburg Central Station.

The connection between Central Station and port area in Hamburg

The 5th track connects the port railway with the industrial areas and the classification yard located behind Hamburg Central Station.

The result of the weekly street sweeping!!!

Unbelievable: This is really the result of the weekly street sweeping!!!

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