Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

27.05.02 at 11:43 hrs

Weekly Report No 82, CW 21

From Monday, 20.05.2002 to Sunday, 26.05.2002

Tomoorow, Monday 27th May, it finally happens: The long waited for Pro 7 report will be broadcasted which means: from 19:30 hrs on it is TV time ;-)
And a hint from me: Pro 7 has a raffle with hot prizes on their website, so have look at; it's worth it!
But also the layout is humming in section 2; just see for yourself...

Overview: Throat and Central Station

View over Hamburg Central station and its approaching trackwork...

Bridge spanning a stub-end yard

Finally, freight trains reach their yard.

Hamburg tram: The end of the line

The end of the tram line. Now the tram has an own overnight shed; originally we just planned for two outdoor tracks....

Facade of an ancient station building in Hamburg

All that's left from this ancient station building, is its picturesque facade. That's why these remains have been put under preservation order and instead of tearing them down, they will now be integrated into a new shopping mall....

Facade of an ancient station building in Hamburg

While workers will stub the trees, police will have to protect the complete construction from demonstrators. But we're not that far (yet)...

The construction site in Hamburg

The construction site slowly livens up:

The construction site in Hamburg

First vehicles and machines are positioned...

Vehicles on construction site

... but just preliminary. Before they are fixed, we need some lights and the mud in plaster-white...

The construction site in Hamburg

doesn't really convince and needs some attention.

One of the containers at the construction site

Hmmm, containers: In more than 20 of them architects, supervisors, workers, and countless sub-contractors found a new "home".

The open air bath in Hamburg

Adventure, recreation, leisure - the open air bath offers plenty of each of these items.

Transformers to illuminate Hamburg

Pure power! These transformers (3*200 Watts each) including their rectifiers deliver the power for the lights. The complete town will need 15-20 of them...

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