Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

20.05.02 at 11:45 hrs

Weekly Report No 81, CW 20

From Monday, 13.05.2002 to Sunday, 19.05.2002

While in the month of May the sun brings us the first calm weekends (an old lore of the quarter people already knew:If the weather is top, it's off to the train!), wedding preparations, bridge works, illumination plans, and structure building all are full blaze ahead....
Anything else? Oh yes: Quarter people, that's how the storage workers in the Speicherstadt are called....

More bridges for Hamburg

One last bridge south of the Central Station and the trackwork is done in the left part of this section. Now work in the right part which features a helix and the transition to America, work starts will all might...

AOL- Arena under construction

This projects also makes progress... Apart from the stands (one level is still missing), the beams for the roof construction are also ready.

AOL- Arena under construction

Well informed sources mentioned that a couple private suites are still availabe: "Come and get it!"

An old facade under preservation order

An old facade which is under preservation order. It is projected to be the front facade of the new shopping mall currently under construction by CatW AG (We already had a report about this ambitious project...)

A Speicherstadt - building

A new addition to the Speicherstadt complex:

A Speicherstadt - building

this building consists of more than 2,500 parts!!!!

Parking tower illumination

An illumination as it can be found in the parking tower of a department store of superlatives ( I barely dare to mention it but the main topic here again is "the largest...." )...

A vehicle for Knuffingen

A new prototype. This vehicle is a ...... Can't wait to read the comments (somebody already insisted that we stop running the monster truck in Knuffingen).

A vehicle for Knuffingen

I'm pretty excited wether this special vehicle will only run during the night period or deliver a special appearance during daytime, too. The final design (now, who brings on the first picture, Gerrit or Olli? ;-) reminds a bit at Mad Max...

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