Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

13.05.02 at 11:46 hrs

Weekly Report No 80, CW 19

From Monday, 06.05.2002 to Sunday, 12.05.2002

The tracklayers in the first part of section 2 packed up their tools and now the landscapers dominate the picture.
Underneath the layout, the electricians are busy wiring the tracks in order to prepare for test runs as soon as possible.

Overview about Hamburg

Once full traffic is running on the tracks,...

Overview about Hamburg

we look forward to dramatic pictures.

A commuter (S-Bahn) line

At the end of the line, right after the last stop of the commuter line, the train shops are located.

A realistic parking situation in Hamburg

A realistic parking situation in Hamburg is shown here. So far, there is no curb on the opposite side of the road but it will resemble this picture...

A projected cemetery site

A cemetery will be located here. Rumour has it that this site is very old and possibly, paranormal phenomenons could occur here. Well, we'll see....

Allotment gardens along the tracks

Allotment gardens....

Allotment gardens along the tracks

...along the tracks.

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