Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

06.05.02 at 11:48 Uhr

Weekly Report No 79, CW 18

From Monday, 29.04.2002 to Sunday, 05.05.2002

Rudi Hastig of the Knuffingen Observer Showed up again and reported a scandal in the Knuffingen DOT (Department of Traffic)....
The last pieces of track in the left part of section 2 are laid out, last bridges and walls are built in, computers positioned. So it seems that a test session is up next....
The next problem, however, is straight ahead: How many controller cards and how many channels do we need for the light control? Looking at the structures, an estimate is feasable but what about the special light effects: How many lamps do we need for the fair ground buildings? How many channels will be needed for the pushbutton - actions and other special effects? These are the questions currently discussed by the electronics team....

AOL- Arena under construction

Construction of the first floor has been completed and so the second floor of the AOL-Arena can be tackled now. In the meantime, our locksmiths produced the parts for the roof-construction. We are pretty excited and will follow up this site ....

The open air bath in Hamburg

The generous open air bath (or lido) invites to come in and relax in the park during nice weather like this.

As some of our visitors may have noticed, this is not always the case...

The open air bath in Hamburg

since in regular intervals dark clouds move through the Wunderland skies....

Bridge building in Hamburg

This is the longest bridge in this section. It spans the ICE shops and carries the commuter line from Wandsbek station to Berliner Tor station.

Bridge building in Hamburg

In order to give it a more fragile look, we painted the bridge in a off-color tone.

Bridge building in Hamburg

Work on the last bridges

Trackwork in Hamburg

Bridges and overpasses in the left part of this section are almost completed.

Trackwork in Hamburg.

A flat region but nonetheless: countless layers of track.

Trackwork in Hamburg

The large staging yards and the many overpasses gaurantee for many and interesting trains.

A monster truck in Knuffingen

Big mistake in the Knuffingen DOT! After a few adjustments, the car shop "Gerrit Special Car Inc." managed to have this prototype confirmed for regular street service within just 24 hours. How, and in which department of the Knuffingen Department of Traffic this mistake could happen is currently under investigation. Due to the way too large tires, this vehicle should never have been allowed to participate in traffic on public streets. rh

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