Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

22.04.02 at 11:53 hrs

Weekly Report No 77, CW 16

From Monday, 15.04.2002 to Sunday, 21.04.2002

While the trackwork to the Central Station is now completed and the underground viaduct starts to look as one, the complete team awes at the first illumonation tests of the bridges in the Speicherstadt complex.

And very furtively, the CarSystem farction started the test for a new vehicle. Our photographer Rudi Hastig of the Knuffingen Observer was on location at just the right time to make a couple of snapshots....

A bridge for the Hamburg section

The first bridges span future streets and plazas; this is the end of the main road along the waterfront.

The first populated and built in station

The first underground (well, high line) station....

Underground stop

... is already populated and built in.

The kiosk underneath the Underground station.

Kiosk with coffee and snacks underneath the Underground station. Ok, Beach chairs in such a location are a bit extra-ordinary but they do have their exisiting prototypes in Hamburg ;-).

Completed spotlights for the layout

Be it a construction site spotlight, bridge- or facade-illumination: these cold-white LEDs illuminate all kind of objects. These beacons were also used to illuminate the bridges in the Speicherstadt, as can be seen in the next pictures..

Illuminated bridge in the Speicherstadt complex

Bridge illumination à la Speicherstadt,,

Illuminated bridge in the Speicherstadt complex

makes you feel at home ;-)

Lift bridge for the Hamburg port

A lift bridge. It will connect the port railroad with the general cargo pier and, of course, it will be fully functional (a pushbutton - action!!!).

A prototype in the streets of Knuffingen

A prototype was sighted in Knuffingen!!

A prototype in the streets of Knuffingen

It is not yet fitted with lights but can already run!

A prototype in the streets of Knuffingen

Really, I saw this enormous monster moving through the town of Knuffingen.

A prototype in the streets of Knuffingen

But due to its length, it will have to stay on the highway, I'm afraid, because in town, it will certainly "round out" almost every corner ;-) rh

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