Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

15.04.02 at 11:55 hrs

Weekly Report No 76, CW 15

From Monday, 08.04.2002 to Sunday, 14.04.2002

Gaston started work on the underground viaduct and we already look forward to next week when we will have the first pictures to look at it.

Moreover, high pressure is applied to working on the platforms and missing bridges....

The first commuter-train stop

The S-Bahn (commuter line) now also has its first stop.

Visible underground shops

While the tunnel works at the other end of the underground line are almost completed, the visible end of the line gets a shop area with mixed building styles from 1910 and 1960.

Visible underground shops

The architect responsible for the train shop was stoned and can now be admired amongst the exhibits of "Body Worlds"....

The last big piece

The last large segment is ready to go in. Once it fits, the last pieces of track will be added and everything will be connected with the rest of the layout. The first track layer (Hans-Wilhelm, Who cannot, resp. doesn't want to to climb the risers because of his age) is already gone home and now waits for America to come.

An empty station

Still absolutely nothing going on in this station and the adjacent repair shops.

An empty station

Not for long, though, when in the near future buzzing life will atrract the eye of the visitor.

Somebody switched the lights on

Somebody switched the lights on in the underground repair shop! Now work in here is a lot easier :-)

Carsten at illumination tests

Even if some pictures might suggest that tomorrow we are ready, reality looks quite a bit different.... (Here we see Carsten at a successful illumination test)

The construction site

"Catwiesel Structural Engineering" in full action.

A level in the construction site

Things are progessing at this construction site ( quite contrary to some prototype sites) ....

Burnt out!!!

The picture of the week has the title "Smoked up !" with the subtitel "Run or burn!"

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