Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

08.04.02 at 11:57 hrs

Weekly Report No 75, CW 14

From Monday, 01.04.2002 to Sunday, 07.04.2002

The decision which car will be made as special run has been made (and it's about time since the second car is nearly sold out....). The tank car of the "Brauerei Knuffingen" (Knuffingen Brewery) clearly made the race! As soon as we found a supplier we will send out a newsletter!
Another hot topic: Pro 7 Galileo decided that the report about the Miniatur-Wunderland with a length of 11:38 minutes ( 12:00 is the absolute maximim...) will be braodcasted next week. As soon as the exact date is fixed, we send out a newsletter for this topic, too..

Commuter (S-Bahn) trackage

On this track, the commuter trains...

Commuter (S-Bahn) trackage

which, like the Hamburg prototype, has a 3rd rail will travel to Hamburg Central Station...

Building scenery in Hamburg

Slowly, but surely the scenery in and around Hamburg starts to develop...

Working platforms in Hamburg

From now on, working on the layout is only permitted from work platforms in order to avoid "painful destruction"....

Social room in the underground repair shops

Underground workers take a break in their social room.

Social room in the underground repair shops

BTW: To find these rooms, you have to look underneath Hamburg Central Station.

Plans of the AOL- Arena

After intensive studies and a CAD-crash course, Christian finished the plans for the AOL-Arena.

Plans of the AOL- Arena

The yellow meter is 1 meter (914 in) long and even in spite of these enormous dimensions (we'll have to extend the layout at one corner ;-), the proportion is smaller than 1/87...

The construction site

Building the construction site also started. Now the knowledge of structural design engineers is need: Are cranes sunk into the ground and if so, why? <- The author just admits that he has no idea about structural engineering ;-)

View over the Hamburg section

The temporary bridge still stands in the foreground but behind and beneath it, almost all tracks are laid out (except for a few intersections). The view in direction Central Station also reveals: The classification yard (left) is not yet implemented.

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