Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

01.04.02 at 11:59 hrs

Weekly Report No 74, CW 13

From Monday, 25.03.2002 to Sunday, 31.03.2002

Since last week, we finally managed to give you directions U-Bahn -> Wunderland on our pages. We also found time to update our gallery with new pictures. Enjoy looking at them (small hint on a side: Most of the picture are in the set of 48 postcards).

The main hall of the station

Interesting building style for this station - the main hall...

Station with glas dome

...which provides access to the lower and upper tracks, just received a glas dome..

The Speicherstadt still completely empty

Impressions from the Speicherstadt.

A canal, cutting through the Speicherstadt

Canals and streets are still empty but rumour has it that in the very near future not one single parking space will be availabe....

Overview of Central Station and its throat

Dear friends, your whish shall be fulfilled... Here is the long view from Hamburg Central Station and its throat. In the very far background one just barely see the ICE shops; the transfer table is still missing.

What's going on here???

Photo-shooting? Video-taping in the roof-studio?... Which story is hiding here?

Rows of houses in Hamburg

From now on., it's getting serious.

Buildings in Hamburg

Houses are placed in their final locations and the town takes on its future look...

Noise protection at the Süllberg

Modern noise protection walls in front of historic buildings-.... The "Süllberg" now waits for its greenery.

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