Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

25.03.02 at 12:01 hrs

Weekly Report No 73, CW 12

From Monday, 18.03.2002 to Sunday, 24.03.2002

WOW... new Digital camera... Well, let's see how long it will take until I'm able to take flawless pictures with this thing.. In any case, the 287 pages manual will certainly keep me busy for while... <- This is also the reason why this report is published only today.(Erhard was in Sinsheim this weekend and therefore couldn't take any pictures...)

The turntable twins under construction

Not yet built in but already prepared and wired: the turntable twins and their lead tracks.

Future location of the turntable twins in Hamburg

The turntables will be built into the free area to the left of the tracks. In the background, the ICE shops with transfer table will be erected.

Classification yard under construction

The classification yard behind Hamburg Central Station is being built here.

Forming Hamburg

"Terraforming" nearly completed - soon the plaster can be applied. The wire mesh is down and ready.

This will be a construction site

originally, we wanted a Formula-1 circuit in this location but being real fans, we couldn't cope with just the start row and the box alley (the maintenance aisle simply needed too much space). Now we are going to build a construction site of office buildings in various states.

A stairway in Hamburg

Oops... This will cause trouble with the Hamburg Civil Engineering Office. Why? Well, there's a special Hamburg law which basically say that each stairways have tro pedestrials in certain distances from each other. This stairway will most probably have to be converted into 1/4 sprial.

Spring in the Miniatur Wunderland

It is the year 2002 a.D. Date is the 20.3. at 11.34 hrs. Not knowing what's coming at them, the Wunderlanders work on their project... Suddenly, only seconds later at 11.35 hrs dead, it happenedt: The first stork landed in section 2 - finally, spring is coming....

A sewer???

Environmental crime? So far. no water police can be seen. Maybe, it is just rain water dripping off that pipe. Our reporters are on location and will keep you informed...

Photos in model builder department

Tip amongst model builders: If you want something to look real, take a picture and use it as guideline because nothing looks more realistic than reality.

A well groomed Kid's Corner

Our Kid's Corner, tidied up for change....

The zoo of the Kid's Corner

We don't dare, however, to show a before / after comparison...

Gaston shows Wladimir Kltschko where the hammer strikes!!!

We had a prominent visitor! Wladimir Klitschko did the honors with the TV station 'Premiere', as already mentioned in our newsletter. Ther happened more 'moving' things than just an interview before a boxing fight but see for yourself: On his way out, Vladimir caught a glimpse of the building section and was instantly fascinated. Exited by model building, he couldn't resist to add a small contribution (well, compared to the whole picture, such a bollard VERY small) to the layout.

The Klischko-Nail

And there it is,

The Klischko-Nail

the "Klitschko-Nail"-bollard.

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