Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

18.03.02 at 12:03 hrs

Weekly Report No 72, CW 11

From Monday, 11.03.2002 to Sunday, 17.03.2002

The town starts to show its face. More and more house are adjusted to another very soon the town's core will be built in. At the same time, the tracklayers and electricians are busy working on the Central Station's trackage.
Moreover, we overhauled the pages of the Car-System this week. The result is quite impressive: More than 200 pictures and a database featuring all sorts of data concerning the vehicles....
To conclude this intro, I have a small announcement (although I went wrong with these once in a while) ;-)... Next week we will have a picture of a prominent 'Co-worker'!

Dimension test for the AOL-Arena

Dimension test for the AOL-Arena. Not really 1/87 proportion but still that huge that a viewer is almost blown away. Our nightmare (and maybe that Messr. Preiser, too): How many people fit in there? Who's got a hint...?

A station's underpass

This underpass tunnels the upper part of this station...

A station for Hamburg

... which has its main building on the opposite side at the lower level tracks (also S-Bahn, but with catenary, and main line 2.2).

The tracks are down

The third rail has been mounted to the tracks.

The tracks are down

No, we don't use it for current pickup but instead use the possibilities the track is offering us...

First test run of the underground

First test run of the underground

Tunnel lighting

Thank God, the enginieers put in a tunnel illumination before the tests started...

Underground test run

Result: The underground arrives!

Test fitting the buildings around St. Michaelis

Test fitting the buildings around St. Michaelis

Rows of houses in Hamburg

And yet another storey...Rows of houses are set up and constantly checked for correct height and harmony. Result here: Two houses lack a couple of storeys (future storeys are simulated with wooden shims to better be able to test the harmony of the rooflines).

Riddle of the week

Now, where could this be?

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