Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

11.03.02 at 12:04 hrs

Weekly Report No 71, CW 10

From Monday, 04.03.2002 to Sunday, 10.03.2002

Currently, one TV-broadcast follows another (Newsletter-recipents, of course, always know what's going on!). After the repetition of the Spiegel-TV report at VOX, there are now reports by Galileo (Pro 7, broadcast time will be announced via newsletter as soon as we know it!) and Premiere (next weekend at Premiere Sport ca.22.oo hrs) .

Track chaos in Hamburg

Long live chaos!

Track chaos in Hamburg

I wonder who still knows which track is going where....

The station also serving the fair ground

This nice station serves fair grounds, cemetery, and surroundings with an adequate train schedulefor regional and national trains. Apart from ICEs and other long distance trains, both commuter lines also stop here.

Stairways on the Süllberg in Hamburg

The south side of the 'Süllberg' also features beautiful stairways...

Memorials at the Süllberg in Hamburg

...which every once in a while are interrupted by memorials. This will make this area almost look like a small park later on.

Bridge construction for underground

Here we go! Construction of the underground high line will finally start this week. Wiring is done and so the real work can start.

Bridge construction for underground

Various construction types will document the numerous building styles, as well as the repairs done over the decades.

Tracks in Hamburg

This area also is nearly complete. The board on the left portects the shops built into arcades from 'meteors' or other 'natual catastrophic events' that could severly damage the work.

A canal bridge in the Speicherstadt

When you leave the Wunderland and face the canal, have a look to your left .....

The test track in Hamburg

Locomotive long jump? Flying tests? Or a simple 'gradient test'? None of those; this is the first digitally controlled train running through section 2. Maybe, someone remembers this awkward 'temporary bridge'?

The test track in Hamburg

... Looks more akward than ever before but still does the job... ;-) However, it is short - lived! It is definitely in the way once the large brass bridge spanning the engine facilities will be built.

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