Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

04.03.02 at 12:06 hrs

Weekly Report No 70, CW 9

From Monday, 25.02.2002 to Sunday, 03.03.2002

The first tenenats could move in quite soon because the first town houses will be built in this week. High pressure is also applied to commuter and national trains. On top, there is a decision that influences the the fascia facing the American section: The Eurotunnel will be built into the floor and so the visitor can watch trains pass by underneath his feet.

A canal in the Speicherstadt

The tourist books a relaxing canal boat tour, just to visit the Speicherstadt later on.

A canal in the Speicherstadt

Somewhere here this funny model railroad layout.....

Piers and canal walls in Hamburg

All over the place, various piers and canal walls have benn created. Gaston's trick: Take a photo and copy from reality.

Expensive building lots!

Expensive building lots! Those wanting to live here, must have a well filled wallet ....

Living near the river Elbe

... because this hill is one of the most beautiful places in town.

Living near the river Elbe

Having an exceptional waterfront view makes living here very comfortable; especially with all the trees covering this hill in future.

Various stair constructions

Various stair constructions...

Stairs for ambitious pedestrians

... invite to long and peaceful walks.

Shops underneath the underground line

We are experimenting with the arcades underneath the underground but will start to built the viaducts this week.

Trackage of the underground in Hamburg

The underground (or better highline in this case) will travel through town on bridges for nearly 10 meters (~ 33 feet)...

Underground train facility

The platform is on one side of the station and be reached via lifts, stairs, and escalators...

Underground platform

...while the other end is occupied by the train service area which also houses the repair shop - the tower has everything under control...

Stairway to the station's shopping passage

The far end of the platform features a stairway to the upper level with a small shopping mall. From there, other stairs guide the passenger up into fresh air....

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