Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

18.02.02 at 12:09 hrs

Weekly Report No 68, CW 7

From Monday, 11.02.2002 to Sunday, 17.02.2002

Finally, we have a 'GO'! After woodworking has been nearly completed in section 2.1 (only the airport and the Eurotunnel have to be done), the landscapers are unleashed at the middle section. Very soon, the first hill in town (villas representing Blankenese) will be covered with wire mesh.

Canals in Hamburg

The canals are now prepared for walls and bridges. This area, too, will very soon show dramatic optical changes...

A bridge for Hamburg

Again, a couple of bridges are ready..

A bridge for Hamburg

Let's look forward to next week when a couple of them will already be built in....

Underground over ground(level)

The first meter of the underground line is solid terrain. After that, the line is supported on bridges like the real U3 to Landungsbrücken.

Underground terminus

One terminus of the underground. This is the underground station directly beneath Hamburg Central Station. It is located right behind the fascia and visitors can watch the trains through a glas window in the fascia.

Engine facilities in Hamburg

In this DC-rail based engine (or better: train) facility, the S-Bahn (commuter) trains wait for their turn to the airport.

Rebuilding a train to a camera train

This small technical wonder does the honors for a couple of days now and enjoys our visitors with spectacular pictures, even in the 'underworld', which are shown on our video-wall.derland (we don't switch the camera off in the staging yards)

The cam-train

But that's not the end yet because there's an even smaller pendant already running in the Wunderland. We'll have a closer look at it in one of the next reports....

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