Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

11.02.02 at 12:11 hrs

Weekly Report No 67, CW 6

From Monday, 04.02.2002 to Sunday, 10.02.2002

Just been lucky!!! The camera was at hand just in time and so we can deliver some impressions of the Speicherstadt that is under construction.

Prototype: the Speicherstadt complex

Already now (without facade lighting and working cranes -> keyword: pushbutton action) this model is a highlight! To giva you a chance to compare: here is the prototype and there...

The Speicherstadt complex

... is the model. Although.... hmmmm..... something looks wrong, or not?

Top view of the Speicherstadt complex

A stunning piece of work that Helge delivered.

The Speicherstadt for the Hamburg section

If the plans of our electronic department are really feasable, we will even have a super mini model railroad in the 4th floor of the model...

A vessel for the Hamburg Port

The right part of this layout section with its port basins, a container terminal, and a crude oil port is always good for discussions. The monstreous oversea vessels (we'll add tankers and container carriers to this general cargo vessel) Seem to be way too big, even on a large layout like ours.

A styrofaom model of St. Michaels for test purposes

Once again, Helge struck: Using this styrofaom model of St. Michaels, we fitted in a Hamburg landmark. With the help of this mock-up we decided about the building scale of the final model (1/87 wouldn't work; the church tower would penetrate the ceiling). Now Helge can start building the real model.

Test fitting the villas of Blankenese

Meanwhile, Gerd and Sabine determined the houses and villas that will remind the visitor of the Hamburg suburb of Blankenese ( tradintionally a quarter, where the rich live) on a hill close to the layout's fascia.

The risers for Hamburg Central Station are in

The risers underneath Central Station are built in and now the trackage for the station itself and the approaching tracks (this is the part shown here) can be laid.

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