Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

04.02.02 at 12:12 hrs

Weekly Report No 66,CW 5

From Monday, 28.01.2002 to Sunday, 03.02.2002

This week's main task is bridge building. Moreover, most of the tram trackage, as well as the port railroad trackage have been embedded into pavement.
On a side note: we slightly changed the right-of-way for the U-Bahn (underground). The originally planned staging area will now be converted to a maintenance area where the visitor can watch how the trains are cleaned and maintained.
One dramatic event this week will happen, once the video team shows up with the first chapter of the documentation. Maybe we can tell you a sales start next week, who knows...

Briefing in the Wunderland

Briefing in the Wunderland. Chief-technician Joachim informs Carsten about the plans for the station area...

The building lot for the Speicherstadt in Hamburg

This is the place for the Speicherstadt complex. We already had a short insight into what Helge is going to build when she came in for a short presentation of these phenomenal structures. Hopefully, we have a camera handy when she returns ....

Gaston building bridges

The bavarian original again is busy building bridges.

Gaston building bridges

These bridges for the port railroad and a street are build using scrap pieces!!!

Gaston building bridges

It's a good rule to never throw things away when you are a model builder!!!!

A bridge for Speicherstadt

This is the future look of the bridge under construction...

A bridge for Speicherstadt

Another bridge leads into the Speicherstadt complex,...

Canal bridge in the Speicherstadt

... where, in one of the houses, a well know Hamburg exhibition is located in the 4th floor.

Canal bridge in the Speicherstadt

The canals (in Hamburg known as "Fleet") just cry for bridges. But that'S how things go in a harbor town... Did you know that Hamburg has more bridges than Venice?

Hamburg section under construction

Easy to recognize: The town boasts a net of canals. The now white areas will later be converted to water.

Staging yard under construction

No, Werner was not drunk when he built this dangling track. It is used for test purposes and closes the gap in the S-Bahn (commuter) -line with catenary to enable test runs. Since in the meantime a couple more tracks have been added underneath this bridge, it had to be raised a bit now has a gradient of more then 4% and can consequently only be used in one direction: a so-called 'one-way'-bridge :-)).

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