Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

28.01.02 at 12:13 hrs

Weekly Report No 65, CW 4

From Monday, 21.01.2002 to Sunday, 27.01.2002

Quite interesting, if one thinks back. One year ago, we had the first talks with the officials of the Hamburg Port Anniversary (will be from m9th to 12th May this year). At that time, we had the opportunity to introduce our layout to the "pubkic" for the first time.

The alert observer maybe noticed it: Last Thursday, the "Table Top Truck Trial" visited, as can be read in our guestbook. Apparently all of them had such a ball blasting their offroad vehicles through the WUnderland that spontaneously the idea was born to inlude a special "play corner" into the american part für RC-controlled vehicles....

The first test run in the Hamburg staging yard

And yes, we have'em: the pictures of the first "first run" in the new building section. We used this class 50 which reacts very sensible to any irregularities in the trackwork.

Testing the staging yards

All track sections (including staging areas) are very thoroughly tested before they are covered with scenery.

Sabine creates an office building

Sabine currently prepares the oversized buildings. Here, a workshop- and office building with 7 floors is bound to come to life. More than 30 building of this kind will be built since a decent large town simply doesn't look realistic without them.

The facade of a house

Once the facades have been composed,...

Facade with windows

...the buildings are handed over to the structure building team who then adds windows, doors, etc.

Repairs on the sky-ride

Gulliver and his friend are roaming the Wunderland... Carsten and Christian are the wizzards who regularly take care of the cable car, sky train, and ski lifts.

A turnout decoder

Many things are possible in the Wunderland... What you see here is the world's largest digital turnout controller! Manfred works a turnout manually, following the orders via walkie talkie while the burned-out decoder is replaced...

Tram trackage

The tram also made some progress: Nearly all the trackage is now "paved". This week, the port line - which was altered a bit compared to the original plan - will face the same fate.

RC-controlled trucks in the streets of Knuffingen

Extra foto report "RC-controlled trucks"

RC-controlled trucks in the streets of Knuffingen

It is a lot of fun to drive through the permantly installed vehicles.

Military vehicle in Knuffingen's streets

Offroad facilities are a must for these vehicles.

Military vehicle off-road

UFO landing

The trucks were driven all over the layout. Here we have the old landing site of the Ufo( since we positioned it a bit further back, it stays intact and is not touched by visitors any more)....

Trucks abound...

Trucks abound at the dead end at the fairground, ...

The concrete plant

... and in the concrete plant.

Knuffingen's inhabitants

The inhabitants of Knuffingen were really surprised ...

Truck parade in Knuffingen

...when the truck parade was called on...

Emergency!!!! Give way!!!

... but bad luck for our fire engines: No go, even in spite of hooting, emergency signals, and all lights on.

The fire station in Knuffingen

And while the fire engines battled the heavy traffic, their station was declared as parking lot.

The Car-System in Knuffingen

At home everywhere: on the streets...

Truck in terrain well as in open terrain....

Parking trial with a truck

Gerrit even started a daring try to park a truck and trailer in the garage at Knuffingen main station...

Lit truck in Knuffingen

If the trucks are fitted with headlights, they very soon reveal their biggest handicap:

Lit truck in Knuffingen

the battery only lasts a couple minutes (our trucks run all day long).

Truck on a bridge near Knuffingen

Hopefullly, the brakes work :-D

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