Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

21.01.02 at 12:15 hrs

Weekly Report No 64, CW 3

From Monday 14.01.2002 to Sunday, 20.01.2002

Once again we had to move within our rooms and in addition lost some work space! To free up space for America, we had to clean up the right part of the exhibition area...

This week again needs some extensive night shifts: For one week, a film team is shooting for our video - maybe, but just maybe - we can present some results in February....

The 'Dirt refuge'

This place housed the metal storage and Erhard's "dirt centrifuge", used by the official "dirt sow" to convert new into old in just minutes...

The 'Dirt refuge'

A hint for non-insiders: "Dirt sow" is by no means meant to be offensive, it is just a nickname for our paint shop. Erhard mainly does the weathering; please do not mis-interpret!

Benchwork for the airport

In the meantime, the benchwork for the later airport is ready. Now it is time for chief-planner Gerd to pack his suitcase and come to Hamburg in order to prepare risers and subroadbeds with Helge and Christian.

Staging yards are built in

Located at the wall underneath the later freight yard, one of the large staging yards has just been implemented.

Staging yards are built in

It will feed the mainline with more than 25 trains.

Creation of tunnel portals in the Hamburg section

While the track-gang is testing the turnouts and the electronic guys control each track section, the first tunnel portals go in.

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