Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

14.01.02 at 12:17 hrs

Weekly Report No 63, CW 2

From Monday, 07.01.2002 to Sunday, 13.01.2002

The long waiting time has come to an end: We have fotos!! A hint to those who couldn't wait: Buy a seasonal pass and come here every week since no foto can actually show the reality. :-)

In the meantime we made some progress: most of the trackage has been tested in analog mode and the programming of digital testing is well under way. Very soon the visitor can attend exiting test runs while in the town center the first buildings are erected as soon as the landscapers will be able to start their job...

Part of the main line through Hamburg

A part of the main line. Here, it is divided into freight- (1st and 4th track from left) and passenger traffic before entering the large main station. The far right shows the trackage of a commuter line (S-Bahn) with overhead catenary.

Dedicated freight trackage

Freight traffic (1st and 3rd track from left) will pass the station through it's hall ...

ICE tracks

...while ICEs will stop at generous platforms.

Stub-end station (Terminus) in Hamburg

Also finished: The tracks of the stub-end station in the center part. We widened the platforms to be able to cope with the expected passenger numbers (from here, the trains to America will depart...).

Turnouts (switches)

Just take the wrong track and you're legally entitled to state: "I'm lost!" ;.)

Tram trackage in the city

The tracks for the tram in the center part are also ready.

'Ost- West Strasse' in Hamburg under construction

Landscaping may soon be started here.

Wires, anyone??

Only the genius knows it's way around this chaos, or: precise labelling has top priority!!!!

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