Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

30.12.02 at 10:36 hrs

Weekly Report No 113, CW 52

From Monday, 23.12.2002 to Sunday, 29.12.2002

A week without barely anyone working lies behind us (who thought, we were different than the average worker :-). While many of our co-workers are still in their well earned vacation, others try to cope with enormous number of visitors usually showing up in these days. Well, and then there was a day that has to do with gifts and family.... ;-)
But now to the long waited for event: A couple of videos depicting the layout. Sven cranked out 5.4 MB and wrapped them up for user-friendly downloading.
The video files are in WMV-format so the can be displayed in Windows' media player. Due to some needed compression, the original quality of the bus and train ride is, of course, a lot better. There's only cure available: Come in and admire it locally....
We whish all our friends, visitors, and fans a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2003!!!


Remark of the editors concerning the maintenance of the weekly report in the new website version 2007:

In the early days, the video files were far below our today's standards and so we linked some similar videas instead..

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