Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

16.12.02 at 10:40 hrs

Weekly Report No 111, CW 50

From Monday, 09.12.2002 to Sunday, 15.12.2002

many things happened last week, but the topic was not suitable for pictures...
The plans for America are under way: Where do we need booster circuits, how many light computers do we need, where will the computers be located, and things more...
Moreover, we are about to cretae a few iPIX ( 360 degrees panoramic views - look under "Photos") of Hamburg and hope to put them on our site by the end of this year.

Well, and since christmas is knocking at the door, we thought out something special: next week, there will be a

"Whish list..." - report

How that works? Pretty simple: We will make up a report about all the things our fans had on their whish list since a long time. But what kind of whishes do you have?  Simply post your which or the topic you want to see in the next report in our forum and the top 10 whishes will appear in the next weekly report as a small christmas gift. 

Small hint on the side: Today, Pro7 / Galileo (19.30 hrs), the broadcast will be repeated tomorrow morning at 07:30 hrs....

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