Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

25.11.02 at 10:44 hrs

Weekly Report No 108,CKW 47

From Monday, 18.11.2002 to Sunday, 24.11.2002

During the last week, working days had plain 24 hours so I won't make many words but let pictures talk instaed:

AOL- Arena construction

This will be the location of the arena... It still lacks the connections for the scoreboard and the floodlights.

AOL- Arena construction

Not all visitors took their seats yet. I guess, the last ones will sit down when the stadium is finally built in.

AOL- Arena construction

The first illumination test is passed. The LEDs let the roof glow in a marvelleous blue light.

Fans in the stadium

The AOL-Arena is nearly sold out.

Fans in the stadium

HSV, St.Pauli, and "ordinary" soccer fans...

Fans in the stadium

... take care of a really good mood in the stadium.

Köhlbrand bridge construction

The pylones are standing and the bridge is going in tonight.

Köhlbrand bridge construction

Tomorrow, the electronic department will connect the vehicles while, at the same time, Gaston will build in the bracing for the bridge.

Lift bridge as a pushbutton action

The lift bridge - a pushbutton action controlled by Railware. Of course, the bridge has be locked if a train wants to access it ;-).

The water in front of the Landungsbrücken

The water is not finished yet but Gerd's achievment so far looks already phantastic.

Airport under construction

The airport develops quite well but we didn't find any gangways so far. I guess, we'll have to scratchbuild them... Thanks to all who gave us hints for material sources...

The Maglev right-of-way

Wonder what will be moving on this one? Small hint: the prototype hovers.

A wild sea...

A wild sea...

Behind this wall, the creation of America just started

Behind this wall, the creation of America just started.

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