Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

18.11.02 at 10:47 hrs

Weekly Report No 107, CW 46

From Monday, 11.11.2002 to Sunday, 17.11.2002

On to the finale! More and more projects are finished or are just about to be finished. Therefore, this week's report is a bit shorter than usual.
The guest visiting us right now, might be a bit puzzeld: Opposite the Hamburg section, a temporary wall with doors and windows is set up. This wall will protect the rest of the layout from dirt and dust while we work on the American section. Nonetheless, the visitor can still watch us working: either through the windows or by taking a short roundtrip from door to door, work sitaution permitting this.
and now enjoy this week's pictures:

AOL- Arena under construction

The arena develops more and more to the most elaborate project on our layout. Now already 4 guys (one of them a girl) are occupied with this mammoth project almost around the clock. Tonight, the first figures will be glued in. In th end, roughly 10,000 fans will be seated in the arena...

Gaston building the Köhlbrand bridge

Gaston in his elements. According to him, he builds *the* Hamburg landmark. The Köhlbrand bridge will certainly be one of our largest highlights. One just can't imagine how many things have to be taken into consideration when building such a bridge. maybe Gaston finds some minutes to compile an extra report next week.

The construction site with its cranes

It's been a couple of weeks ago when we published an in-depth report about this construction site. Now the cranes have finally been built in and round out this picture.

Animal show in the circus

Some evil minds argue that we all belong into the circus.

In order not having to walk for miles,

Overview of the circus

...we built our own circus.

The levee at the North Sea coast

What the mountains are for the Bavarians, is our beloved coast for us Northern Germans. There's only one thing, mountains and coast have in common: They have to withstand heavy storms. Right behind the levee's crown on the right, the storm flooding attacks the levee. But who is getting nervous? Nobody, this is just normal life...

Living on a farm in the Miniatur Wunderland

Detailing the second section is a vital part of our work. We just love details.... Currently, you find humans in every corner of layout who let the small Preisers live in freedom and joy. They waited so long in their plastic box for their mission in the Wunderland.

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