Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

11.11.02 at 10:52 hrs

Weekly Report No 106, CW 45

From Monday, 04.11.2002 to Sunday, 10.11.2002

Hmmm, after the newsletter went out yesterday, I don't really know what to say... ;-)
Another recap: Only just over two weeks to go. Since a couple of days, we are working around the clock again in order to be ready for our 1st Mayor Ole von Beust on Wednesday, 27.11.02 who is going to inaugurate the second section at 11 hrs. Due to security reasons, this has to be staged without the public being present. In addition, two members of the HSV team will induct the AOL-Arena, and Dr. Claus Hagenbeck will inaugurate the zoo Hagenbecks Tierpark. Last but not least, head pastor Helge Adolphsen will unveil the church St. Michaelis. A great itinary which hopefully will generate a lot of interest. A slight side effect, though: Until 1 PM, we unfortunately have to lock out the public from the second section and the bistro. This means that although we open as usual at 10 AM, access to the second section and the bistro can only be allowed from 1 PM on. Thanks very much in adcance for your understanding and cooperation.

A lot of life in the glas house

Get out your binoculars ;-) There's a lot of life going on in this glas building .

Flea market underneath the Underground viaduct

The flea market underneath the Underground tracks was a bit extended ...

Fire in Hamburg

Just a little appetizer... Gerrit will compile one or two extra reports on this topic, once the work is finished....

Airport under construction

Slowly, the airport develops a look and feel.

Airport under construction

Unfortunately, it seemed to be more difficult than we thought to get a hand on details like gangways and so on...

The location for the circus

here, the circus animals will wait for their show. The hole will accomodate the complete circus while in the back, the visitors can park their cars.

A village on the coastline

A small (and still peacefull) village on the shore. Very soon, it will be in the middle of a storm flooding...

Storm flooding at the North Sea coast

After several tests (and a lot of try end error), we thought, this would look quite convincible.

It is a bit windy at the coast

The stormy sea heavily attacks the levee and will soon call out for many helpers to safeguard it...

Piers in the port of Hamburg

Special piers protect the water from intruding oil drippings.

AOL- Arena under construction

After having finished other projects, the stadium now gets its share of attention. The building shells for the upper rows of seats are ready and the private loges are occupied by their owners. Once the seats have been painted, we start seating the fans while the outside facade is being built ( Helge already brought in many pre-built segments ...)

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