Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

04.11.02 at 10:54 hrs

Weekly Report No 105, CW 44

From Monday, 28.10.2002 to Sunday, 03.11.2002

Work on the American started; other tasks like St. Michaelis or the circus are nearly completed and so it is time for another weekly report...
Many areas are now taken over by the detailing team and the face of the layout changes almost within hours....

Oil industry in the port of Hamburg

A view into the port... On this side of the port, the oil industry already occupied its share of land. The hole in the water is designed to take up the lift bridge but a last minute test showed that the reliability of the mechanic parts is not what we expected.

Oil industry in the port of Hamburg

Better parts have been ordered but did not yet arrive...

Finding in the tidal zone

Archeologits were exited when the found an ancient viking dragonboat in the tidal zone. They're now about to examine it....

Scenicking room 5

The hinterland in the 5th room changed to green. The coastal area, on the other hand, will need a couple more days.

A vantage point in the Wunderland

Located in the middle of a forest, this is a popular spot for excursions for the Wunderlanders. This ancient hill grave is still a mystery since until today it is not clarified where these huge rocks came from...

A vantage point in the Wunderland

But who cares; especially the younger generation is more interested in climbing on these rocks.

Terminus of the Island Railway

Terminus of the Island Railway, still a long way to go before it is finished...

Harvesting farmer

an apple farmer is harvesting his fruit in the plantation behind the circus...

Airport under construction

Another construction site that slowly but surely develops: The airport. Here we will have a mini CarSystem like in Bad Klosterberg. Of course, here a tanker and a vehicle of the airport's fire fighters will go around at the push of a button...

Illumination of the vessels

In the meantime, the electronic department works on the vessels...

Illumination of the vessels

which all need lamps, high beams, and position lights.

Basic benchwork for America

by now, America also sees a bit of action. The basic benchwork is set up.

Construction of the Köhlbrand bridge

So far, we could only admire the bridge supports. Now, it is a "go" for the structure itself: The Köhlbrand bridge!

Construction of the Köhlbrand bridge

At a span of 4 meters (the street has 2 lanes in each directions is 19.8 cms wide) the bridge will reach a height of nearly 1.50 meters. The small pylone (seen here) measures 143.5 cms...

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