Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

28.10.02 um 11:00 Uhr
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Wochenbericht Nr. 104, KW 43

Montag, 21.10.2002 bis Sonntag, 27.10.2002

And another week of school holiday survived ;-) The last heavily crowded day of fall vacation was on Monday, 28.10.2002. So here is a hot tip for all those who want to experience the layout in a more comfortable mood: From now on until christmas evening we assume a very calm time without waiting times (at least, the experiences from last year showed this effect).
There is a lot going on underneath and on the layout; only one doesn't notice much of the work ;-) Houses are painted black from their insides to prevent light shinig through and many, many lamps are installed and wired.
In the next days, we will start setting up the basic benchwork for the American section, so we will also have something to report from there soon.

Farmer's market underneath the U-Bahn

The farmer's market underneath the underground track has been modeled after the "Hamburger Isemarkt". There's virtually nothing you can't buy....

Farmer's market underneath the U-Bahn

The prototype is about 500 meters long and stretches between the stations "Hoheluft" and "Eppendorfer Baum".

Wedding in the Miniatur Wunderland

Human fate: Happiness...

A funeral service

and agony.

The 'Süllberg' in Hamburg

Our 'Süllberg' ( a landmark in Hamburg ) is now populated and just waits for the cars to arrive.

Bridge for freight trains

This bridge spans the throat of Hamburg Central station and carries freighth trains to the classification yard behind Hamburg Central Station.

Small maintenance facility in use

Small maintenance facility, still in use...

Small maintenance facility

and abandoned long ago.

The Hamburg Port

Only little scenery is missing behind the port until work is finished here. On the grey area in the lower right is a lot more to do. Here, companies like the container terminal or the refinery will be located.

Truck accident in Knuffingen

Serious consequences of an accident result in off-times of several hours from time to time, until their "daddy" Gerrit gets a hand on them and repairs the damages.

Scenicking the port area

The port gains more and more shape; here is a view to the middle section between container terminal and refinery.

The lighthouse

This is the result of the lighthouse discussion: A wooden scratchbuilt part and plastic parts from an older kit were united to quite acceptable lighthouse.

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