Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

21.10.02 at 11:02 hrs

Weekly Report No 103, CW 42

From Monday, 14.10.2002 to Sunday, 20.10.2002

We did it! The 5th room is ready and the new service area has been happily accepted. The relocation from the old to the new rroms took a few nights and days but now the first 1,000 porrtions of fries found their respective mouths because the vacation run last week kept us quite busy. But: inauguration test passed.
Well, and then there were the remaining works on the Hamburg sections and its opening: Now it is official, the opening ceremony will be held on 27.11 by Ole von Beust - the 1st Mayor of Hamburg. But: Public access at the Hamburg section will be only from 13:00 hrs on! Numerous VIPs (Dr. Claus Hagenbeck, who will open the zoo, and members of the HSV for the babtism of the AOL-Arena), as well as the press will be in the Hamburg section before this time.
So now it means: Within 5 weeks everything has to be completed but progress is really good and the time pressure has been taken off the back of our team...

The flea market in front of Hamburg Central Station

A flea market set up on the plaza in front of Hamburg Central Station.

The flea market in front of Hamburg Central Station

Clothes, antique mirrors, and a lot of other stuff can be bought here...

Platforms of Hamburg Central Station

The first 8 platforms of Hamburg Central Station are buzzing with life.

St. Pauli Fans on the platform

The railway police has an eye on the St. Pauli fans on track 8 who take the S-Bahn to the game St. Pauli vs. HSV at the AOL-Arena.

'Lollo'-engine in the staging yard

This interesting consist...

'Lollo'-engine in the staging yard

Was once very common in Hamburg commuter traffic.

'Lollo'-engine in the staging yard

The motive power on this train was nicknamed 'Lollo'. If you look at the front, you'll know why :-)

Test fitting St. Michaelis in Hamburg

Another test to fit...

Test fitting St. Michaelis in Hamburg

in the nearly complete...

Test fitting St. Michaelis in Hamburg

St. Michealis church.

Street markings

Attention, traffic planners: how would this situation be clarified as far as right of way is concerned? A 4-lane major road meets a 2-lane minor road at its end...

Harvest has begun

A farm started production. Very soon, though, the Maglev will rush over these fields.

The Lüneburg Heath

At the fascia of the layout, the Lüneburg Heath shows just a glimps of its beauty...

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