Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

14.10.02 at 11:03 hrs

Weekly Report No 102, CW 41

From Monday, 07.10.2002 to Sunday, 13.10.2002

Well, it should have happened but things just didn't work out....
On Monday, den 14.10. we wanted to inaugurate our 5th room - this plan didn't work out because one of our subcontractors didn't manage to install the fire alarms in time. We hope, however, that on Wednesday we finally can start the party...

Punks in Hamburg

Heavily stressed MiWuLa workers are on a protest tour. Shortly before any opening, the applied pressure is always a bit harder to feel....

Nerve nutrition

.... the savvy MiWuLa CEOs counter that with a large ration of "nerve nutrition". Now the visitor are on their heels as they cannot oversee the mountain of chocolate piling up in 3 meters distance ;-)

Area behind Central Station is completely green!

The complete area behinf Central Station to the airport is now green but a couple of details are missing, like an old rotten windmill or a railway junk yard...

Weeds growing on 'Trash Mountain'

Covered and secured sections of the trash hill are planted with trees and bushes in order to prevent erosion from rain.

Bridge supports in Hamburg

Large bridge supports rise from the scenery. A new bridge is built here - exclusively for cars ;-)

Grain silos in Hamburg

A grain silo is erected in the middle section of the port area....

Tractor with magnet

Hmmm, what is this? That's how one of Gerrit's improvisations look if nothing else works. What happened? Somewhere on the ICE track, a small piece of wire was responsible for a permanent short with the consequence that this section had to be shut down for several minutes. After thorough research, the technical gang located the section in question but - Yikes!!! - it was unreachable....

Tractor with magnet

So Gerrit built this tractor from parts of a carriage and a CarSystem vehicle, added a battery and now the battery powerde tractor was able to haul a magnet-car over the faulty stretch of track. Shortly after this, traffic was back to normal.

Track in the Kid's corner

The new Kid's corner offers two LGB - layouts...

The cinema in the Kid's corner

...and a cute cinema for the little ones.

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