Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

30.09.02 at 11:07 hrs

Weekly Report No 100, CW 39

From Monday, 23.09.2002 to Sunday, 29.09.2002

Our anniversary: 100 weeks with reports, pictures, and facts documenting the creation of our layout...
A lot work; not only for us but also for our readers ;-) Recently I talked to a visitior who, before he visited, had been on the webiste for the very first time and, after that, read through the complete history of the Wunderland. He spent about 8 hours at the computer, together with a friend, to view all pictures and read all reports...

Transformers for light control

This is the view at the other end of the wire.

Transformers for light control

Fat transformers deliver power for the controller cards and thousands of wires exit each light controlling computer.

Transformers for light control

The real secret for the light control is GErrit's software which enables us to control each lamp individually.

This is called art in Hamburg!

Accident? ... Although, something seems to be wrong here ;-) Correct, because it is not an accident. This is a piece of art that can be admired in reality at the Kehrwiederspitze here in Hamburg.

The zoo 'Hagenbecks Tierpark'

Meanwhile, everything is ready in the zoo...

Elephant in the zoo

many different animals, like flamingos, girafs, apes, and elephants moved into their habitats and are now admired by hundreds of visitors.

Zoo main entrance

Most tourists and native Hamburgers know the main entrance of the zoo "Hagenbecks Tierpark". It is scratchbuilt using plaster since no manufacturer offers it as a kit.

The bus of the Knuffingen Fire Fighters

A one-of-a-kind piece is being built here by Gerrit (Insider know from the forum that he currently builds display models for an incident in the Hamburg section). This is the command bus of the Hamburg Fire Fighters. Hmmm to answer upcoming question righte here: No, there is blink sequence electronic availabe for this model. We control all lamps and LEDs from our computer which had all sequences programmed in.

Levee with sheep

Now there's life on the levee:...

Levee with cattle

Sheep stroll over the levee and on the meadows behind it, typical northern Germany's black-colored catlle is grazing....


Close to the coast, an alternative community runs a biological farm on which work is accomplished with almost medivial methods.We don't know yet if a sect is behind all this - may be, they're only city slickers who want to get rid of their stress...

Building lot of the station hall in Hamburg

Remember this picture well.This will be the place for the huge hall spanning Hamburg Central Station. Currently, the catenary is installed, then the platforms will be enlivened, and after this, the steel framing of the hall will be erected. We don't know yet, how much roof area the building will get but we'll test it and make a decision afterwards.

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