Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

17.12.01 at 12:37 hrs

Weekly Report No 59, CW 50

From Monday, 10.12.2001 to Sunday, 16.12.2001

I hope, christmas comes soon...And what about our vacancy? (won't happen before summer 2002), oh well...


An advertizing agent opened his office in Knuffingen. The adress is: MiWuLa Ad Agency, Bahnhofsstrasse 5, 1200 Knuffingen, Wunderland, Germany. So, if you want to advertize in the Wunderland, just pop in.


If, however, you think that you can advertize without haveing talked to the "local authorities" then this could be a "boumerang"....

Materials delivery for section 2.1

Meanwhile, some "smaller" quantities of material arrived for section 2.1.

Material storage in the model building shops

The storage is humming now and Sabine has her hands full....

Layout construction

A bit cinfusing when viewed from the middle but if seen from a bird's eye perspective, a coherent picture reveals itself....

Staging yard under construction

As can be seen here: the lowest layer is the staging yard for the S-Bahn with catenary in section 2.1, topped by the tracks of the mainline with the separation of passenger- and freight traffic.

The helix of the S- Bahn

The small helix also belongs to the S-Bahn

The helix of the S- Bahn

and (referred to the trackplan) is located in the rear to the left...